Bacon and Spinach Paleo Ravioli with Tomato and Garlic Sauce

Step aside, carbs. This paleo ravioli kicks butt-fat.


9 Pro Cooking Tips for Non-Pro Chefs

They may be profesh chefs, but that doesn’t mean their knowledge doesn’t apply to home cooking. Everyone starts somewhere, so start in your own kitchen. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t… Continue reading

Spicy Paleo Fish Cakes

Zesty, spicy and a hint of sweet.

Mustard & Coriander Stuffed Chicken Breasts on a Bed of Mushroom & Green Beans

Quick and easy midweek munches.

Fragrant Prawn and Coriander Curry with Cauli Rice

Inspired by the beaches of Thailand*

*my swimming pool.

Tomato and Bacon Roasted Cauli with Hake

How about some cauli to make a lady jolly?

Garlic and Sesame Baby Spinach

Popeye knows best.

Easy Roasted Aubergine

You say eggplant, I say aubergine, you say brinjal, I say stop singing, let’s eat.

Bacon-Wrapped Basil Pesto Mushroom Skewers

I repeat: Wrapped. In. Bacon.

Enchilada-Style Aubergine Boats

Eats Mexican. (Get it?)