Hey, I’m Candi.

I have no professional cooking experience.

I have never eaten a brussel sprout.

I might have eaten asparagus once, but only because it was in a pasta.

I have googled “what is a zucchini?”

But here I am, running a healthy food recipe site. (WHAT?!)


The aim of No More Than 9 has always been to make healthy cooking more accessible to other non-chefs and share the recipes and health tips I learn along the way. So don’t be intimidated, and if a recipe looks good, give it a bash, change it up, make it your own. There is no right way, only your way.



No sugar. This means no adding sugar or unnatural sweeteners to food, but rather developing the natural sweetness in food that your body is able to digest.

No carbs. Of course, everything has some carbs, vegetables included. This means cutting out carb-dense foods such as bread, pasta and potatoes.

No more than 9 ingredients. Limiting recipes to a maximum of 9 ingredients makes them more affordable to shop for, as well as easier to prepare.

No artificial cooking oils. Cook with olive or coconut oils instead.

No artificial ingredients. Watch out for weird chemicals on the back of labels. If you can’t pronounce the word, you shouldn’t be putting it in your body.

No heavy dairy. Dairy can cause all sorts of allergic reactions in the gut and it is also very fattening. Dairy should never be one of your main ingredients, but you can use it in little bits to elevate your cooking. For example, adding a bit of yoghurt to curry or topping off a dish with some parmesan slices.

Good luck on your journey to healthier eating.

Feel free to comment with feedback, suggestions and typo-corrections.