Carb-Free Pasta (Zucchini Linguine) with Tomato, Olive and Bacon

I am a pasta-fiend! I didn’t think I could live without it, but this zucchini linguine is the perfect no-carb pasta substitute. You can of course use this carb-free “pasta” with a number of different pasta sauces. I did a tomato, olive and bacon sauce (my favourite) but it also goes great with some basil pesto, fried mushrooms, onions and peppers.


500g baby marrow/zucchini (R15)

1 handful of calamata olives (R13)

1 tin of whole, peeled tomatoes (R10.50)

1/2 pack of bacon (R23 for a full pack. – I used the leftovers from my banana bacon flapjacks – find the recipe here.)

Salt, pepper, garlic flakes and mixed herbs to taste.

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Total Estimated Price: R50

Portions: 2


1. If you, like me, don’t have a spiralizer, use a regular cheese slicer to cut your zucchini into linguine sized pieces. Slice around each side and leave the seeded part in the middle. (Keep these “off-cuts” in a tupperware and add them to a Thai Green Curry or roast veggie dish – recipes coming soon!)

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2. Put a pan on high heat. Add 1 tbsp. of olive oil and fry your zucchini on a high heat. It helps to do half at a time so that the pan doesn’t loose too much heat and all the pieces cook through. Fry for 5-7 minutes.

Zucchini Linguine with Tomato, Olive and Bacon Sauce

3. Add your tin of whole, peeled tomatoes to a pot along with your salt, pepper, garlic flakes and mixed herbs. Cook on a high heat for 5 minutes and let the tomatoes soften.


4. Add your tomatoes to a blender or use a stick blender to make them into a chunky sauce. Add your olives and cook on a high heat for another 5 minutes.

5. Cut your pre-fried bacon strips into chunks. (If you aren’t using leftovers, you’d obviously have to fry your bacon before adding to the sauce.)

6. Serve and enjoy!

Serving Suggestion:

If your diet allows, use some shaved parmesan to finish it all off.