Heart-Shaped Chicken Breasts with Mustard, Chorizo and Jalapeños


4 chicken breasts (R30*)

1 piece of chorizo (R34*)

1/4 pack of baby spinach (R14 for full pack*)

100g pickled jalapeños (R30 for a 400g jar)

Sugar-free mustard (R35* for a jar. I used about 5 teaspoons)

2 tbsp. olive oil

Total Estimated Price: R79

Portions: 4


1. Slice your chicken breasts down the middle so that they form heart-shapes. (This is great if you’re cooking for a date. It’s easy, impressive and a little bit romantic. Come on, boys.)


2. Fry your chicken breasts in the olive oil on a high heat. It usually takes 10mins per side. The outside will brown when it is ready.

3. Slice your chorizo and fry. I like to add this into the same pan as my chicken breasts so that the flavours mingle.


4. Lay your baby spinach leaves on the plate as a bed for your chicken.

5. Place your freshly-fried chicken breast on top. Smother with mustard, then layer with chorizo and add jalapeños on the top.


*Estimated prices provided by the lovely people at Pick ‘n Pay. Subject to change. Shop online at picknpay.co.za