Decadent Chocolate and Coffee Smoothie


2 x bananas (R3)

1 x tin of coconut milk (R25)

1 x tsp. chia seeds (R35 for 100g, 1 tbsp. estimated at R3,50)

1 x tsp. cocoa powder (R35 for 15og, 1 tsp. estimated at R1,50)

2 x tbspn. almond butter (R160 for 400g, 2 tbsp. estimated at R12)

1 x tsp. instant coffee (R60 for 200g, 1 tsp. estimated at R1.50)

1/2 glass of water.

Total Estimated Price: R46,50

Portions: 2


1. Cut up your bananas and add them to the blender.


2. Add the rest of your ingredients.

img1402745199900 img1402745253387img1402745227100  img1402745290580 img1402745318892 img1402745351396 img1402745537231 img1402745583203 img1402745643806

3. Blits it up.

4. Pour over ice and serve.